Friday, June 7, 2013

Cut-off Jean Shorts and Shopping Bag....No Scraps

It's getting kind of steamy here in Portland.  For the last week or so, temperatures have been rising into the mid 80's.
Though I wear jeans most of the year, I usually break out my collection of cotton, Summer skirts and flip flops to stay comfortable.  This morning, however, I decided to make a pair of cut-offs......and, a bag.
I have scads and scads of jean scraps.  I just plain have SCRAPS.  I have made a few shopping bags out of them.  The two pictured below are from several different pairs of jeans, overalls and army fatigues.

"old (er) bags"

Today, however, I didn't want to add to my scrap pile as I have done so many times before.  So I decided to take up the challenge of turning the jean legs I had harvested into a bag without creating a single scrap.

I was successful.

This was not, by far, my best sewing.  It isn't totally symmetrical.  It's kind of bunchy in a few places.  But, it is quite sturdy and will fit quite a few groceries.

Nothing whiter than white Oregonian legs in early June.

"Hey a tree.  Check out this a......bag made out of jean legs!"
I don't think he's impressed.

So, for anyone who might happen upon this post in the interest of doing the same thing, below is a rough diagram of what I did.

Also, please note that this was done with a pair of Levis 501's.  Straight leg jeans work well.  Skinny or pegged jeans may not work so well.....

Here also, is a breakdown of the above:
  1. Cut off jean legs for shorts.  Done.
  2. Cut open jean legs following either inseam or outer seam.
  3. You now have two roughly rectangular pieces.  Lay them flat, right sides together.  Cut out two rectangular shapes on either side of the center seam.  This forms the main shape of the bag and the handle.
  4. This is a breakdown of the parts you now have: A-F.
  5. Sew C and D together on the short sides.
  6. Sew E and F to either side of A.
  7. Sew E/A/F together with B and C/D as shown.
  8. Right sides together, join the right side of B with the left edge of E.  Sew C/D together with the bottom edge of A and B and continue sewing around the side of A/B to join up with E.....and this is where I realize I didn't really complete the diagram.  But, basically C/D, the bottom of the bag, wraps up the side.
  9. Finally, hem the top edge of the bag and edges of handle to keep it from fraying.
So, there it is.  I realize that my description may not be super helpful, but therein lies perhaps a reason for someone to comment or ask for a better description.  I will gladly oblige. 

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